The body of 23-year-old Alannah L. Montalvo was dismembered before it was packed inside a tool box and left in north Lafayette last week, Lafayette police said Thursday.

Lafayette police were already looking for Montalvo when Duson police forwarded a tip to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office about her whereabouts. The tip led to the discovery of the body off South Wilderness Road in north Lafayette.


A naked trespasser who was shot and killed by a homeowner last week is a suspect in the death of woman whose body was found in the Wilderness Trail area Tuesday, police said.

The tip also led detectives to believe Montalvo was killed by Barrette B. Farabee II, a 36-year-old man with a string of felony convictions.

In a twist that makes the case more bizarre, Farabee was shot and killed last Friday morning by a homeowner on Fanny Street in Lafayette. The homeowner discovered theĀ 36-year-old Farabee naked in his backyard and wielding a gun, police said.


A Lafayette homeowner Friday morning shot and killed an armed and naked man he found trespas…

Montalvo has no known connection to the homeowner who shot Farabee, and police have said they don't know why Farabee was in the man's yard.

"They are complete strangers," Lafayette Police spokeswoman Cpl. Bridgette Dugas said.

Police investigating the case said on Thursday that detectives had found a 2002 green, two-door Honda Accord they were seeking in the case.

Police have said Farabee and Montalvo were in a relationship and that forensic evidence and statements connects him to her death, but they declined to give details on the nature of the evidence.

Dugas said detectives were seeking the Honda car because both Montalvo and Farabee are believed to have used the vehicle. However, investigators say it is probably not central to the case.

The investigation into the case continues, and police have asked anyone with information about it to call CrimeStoppers at (337)232-8477.

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