The Lafayette Garden Club convened at the UL Alumni House for Christmas cheer and those ladies inducted into the Circle of Roses. The favored few — Cathy Andrew, Maggie Chiasson, President Diana Nolan and Margo Racca — were recognized for their lengthy service, and it took two buffet tables to accommodate the celebration. Members prepared and supplied the dishes themselves, and we can state two helpings later that the trifle was superb. Give that lady some roses.

Junior League Sustainer Luncheon

Junior League of Lafayette held its annual sustainer luncheon at the Zuschlag Family Pavilion on Rue Chavaniac. A beautiful December day drew a large crowd to the newly built indoor-outdoor venue, and parking was at a premium. Welcoming guests was President Corinne Cotton Sprague, while sustaining everyone with their presence, were Mary K. Hamilton, Celia Foard, Janie Bayard, Judy Kennedy, Dee Jones and Tracy Ralston, in a pair of fierce boots with 5-inch heels. Mark your calendars for Junior League’s Kitchen Tours on March 17.

Kaffee Klatsch

This was better than a wrapped present. Mary K. Scott invited her friends for coffee, and we're happy to say The Advocate was one of them. There was everything you could want on a chilly morning — hot chocolate, tea, coffee, mulled cider — even demitasse and a buffet full of sweets and savories. Among the guests were Gail Romero, Ruth Moncus and notable hostess herself, Laura Myers.

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