King Hephaestus LVIII Derald J. Hardaway and Queen Hephaestus LVIII Abigail Kathleen Askew, daughter of Carter and Colleen Askew, reigned at the Morgan City Auditorium over the city's oldest krewe at the Feb. 10 ball.

Krewe Captain Gary P. Stansbury depicted the Courageous Astronaut for the krewe's ball, the theme of which was "Intergalactic Voyage."

The king is vice president of sales for Central Boat Rentals. He and his wife, Connie, have two daughters, Fallon Hardaway Mason, of Fairfax, Virginia, and Victoria Tagliabue Mathews, of Rowlett, Texas. Their grandchildren are Garrett and Gabrielle Mason and Sam Mathews.

The queen attends LSU and owns her own photography business, Abigail Kathleen Photography.

The dukes represented characters from various popular galactic television shows and movies. The maids represented various planets and galaxies.

Representing Captain James T. Kirk and the Milky Way Galaxy were Charlie Solar Jr. and Paige Landry, daughter of Brian Landry and Tim and Andrea Matte.

Representing Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and the Stars were Burt Adams and Carolyn Sanford, daughter of Joe and Gina Sanford.

Representing Officer William Adama and the Earth were Duane Hirsch and Morgan Boudreaux, daughter of Scott and Alita Boudreaux.

Representing Hal 9000 from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and Jupiter were Mike Patterson and Wrenn Patterson, daughter of David and Kellye Patterson.

Representing Star-Lord Peter Quill and The Black Hole were Jeremy Fraley and Emma Aucoin, daughter of Michelle Trapp and Judge Gregory P. Aucoin.

Representing The Robot from "Lost in Space" and the Sun were Gregory Theriot and Bria Marie Sosa, daughter of Roger Sosa and Dana Stansbury Sosa.

Pages to his majesty were Winston Aucoin, son of Dwayne and Michelle Aucoin, and Garrett Mason, son of Matthew and Fallon Mason. Pages to her majesty were Ava Berry, daughter of Joe’Al and Barbara Berry, and Blakely Fuhrer, daughter of Mallory Johnson Fuhrer and Cory Fuhrer.

Court heralds were Joseph Berry, son of Joe’Al and Barbara Berry, and Preston Beattie, son of Colleen Beattie and Colby Adams.

Gift bearers were Delaney Jane Graves, daughter of Vince and Natalie Graves and Sofi Beatrix Leiko Parker, daughter of Richard and Brandy Parker.

Knights of Hephaestus were Dwayne Aucoin, Gregory Hamer Jr., Gary Hover and John B. Hover.

Entertainment was provided by Dance World. Following the ball, breakfast was served.