The Petroleum Club ushered in the holidays with some festive red and green — tea that is. Barbara Judice and Kelli Hanna of Indulge riffed on the topic while the guests made merry with the results. “If you can’t connect with someone over a cup of tea and dessert, it’s a sad day,” said Judice. Connecting were Fran Kellner, Karren Hays, generous Carol Trosclair, Kathleen Williams, Pat Olson and stockbroker extraordinaire Linda Malin. What we loved: Olson’s beige suede boots, Karen Laing’s piano and Puddin Blakewood’s fine Southern name. “From childhood,” she said. “It’s followed me all my life.”

Rio does brunch

The Krewe of Carnivale en Rio honored its royalty both past and present with a brunch at Charley G’s. Queen Isabel X Lynn Williams and Dom Pedro X Blake Williams will reign in 2014 and there was no shortage of those in attendance, including Stefani Domingue, Keith and Julie Dronet, Mardel Pogue, Blair Johnson, Rayne Cappell, Jeanie Domingue, and cute couples Blaine and Stacey Bearb and Gil and Tanya Zaunbrecher. “We love Rio,” said Queen Xanadu 2014 Donna Olivier. “You can wear a short dress to the ball.”

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