The backbone of any society is its parents, those rearing the next generation of citizens to helm the ship.

This used to be a fairly straightforward proposition, involving a husband, a wife, and chores for the children to complete or else. Then the kiddies got to play outside, but had to be home by dinner time.

Parenting’s not complex. It’s just time-consuming hard work.

Technology would have us believe it’s a labyrinth, and it has the apps that show the way out, taking on the jobs we can’t possibly perform on our own.

Canvsly: An app that uploads and organizes your child’s artwork. This used to be done by the refrigerator door.

Buddhify: Gives guided daily meditations as in, “We are all beings on our way to the summit,” and comes with a tracker so you can follow your progress toward enlightenment. Parents used to go directly to the source by muttering, “Oh, dear God.”

NPR 7 a.m. News Summary Podcast: A few minutes of what’s happened on the planet that you didn’t hear about because you’re too busy parenting. It takes the place of “Not now dear, Mommy’s having her wine and watching the news.”

Sit or Squat: A map of available bathrooms. The hi-tech version of “Pardon me, do you know where the restroom is?”

Waze: For shuttle moms, it tells of traffic delays and offers detours. By the way, back in the day, all kids fell out of the car at least once and if you had a brother or sister, you fought unrestrained in the backseat.

Actually, there was a kind of app for that. It was called: “Wait until Your Father Gets Home.”

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at

Dancing With the Stars

Academy of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau held their school’s famous fundraiser at the Cajundome Convention Center and indeed the stars turned out. Guests enjoyed a buffet and deejay prior to dancing duos Christa Billeaud, Charlie Baudoin, Alison Breaux, Jeff Landry, Kristie Callais, Blaise Broussard, Michelle Cart, Ken McCarron, Melanie Fowler, Jimmy Mallia, Cindy Gates, Col. Ed Bush, Sharee Hunter, Chris Rader, William Kaufman, Michele Kaufman, Linda Kidd, Sebastien Hoonhorst, Daphne Krampe, John Fenstermaker, Caroline McConnell, Kent Colligan, Jeanne Neusetzer, John Weinstein, Annie Wingate Spell and Mark Eldredge, but we’re not so sure the real stars of the evening weren’t Annie Weinstein Richardson and Vicki Weinstein wearing their Valentino Rockstud leather pumps. Now that’s real hoofing.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

The Lafayette General Foundation Gala glammed it up good at La Marquise in Parc Lafayette. Elegant in black tie this year, the Foundation did a complete reversal and went old school posh, courtesy of gorgeous-in-gold organizer Megan Morris. What more can we say? The gents were handsome and the ladies beautiful, including Sandy Keller, Al Patin, Becky Benoit and Cian Robinson. What we loved: That Genell West and Lynn Cullen love their Fête and that The Woodlands, Texas, society Ted and Johanne Stanley came all this way to see us.

Denim and Diamonds

Country music singer Lee Ann Womack kicked off a new season for the Acadiana Center for the Arts with the Denim and Diamonds VIP party. Guests were encouraged to wear — what else — denim, and we have it on good authority Womack knocked it out of the ballpark and was called back to the stage for more. Among the many doing some celebrity schmoozing were Gerd Wuestemann, Ed and Elaine Abell, Jan Swift, Jim and Penny McGeehee, and, best of all, Mary Neiheisel, who wore her father’s 38-year-old Stetson.