These are nice people, ladies and gentlemen all. The Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation held A Night of Culinary Delights at River Oaks to raise money and awareness for their cause. “We actually provide anything families need — co-payments, meals, gas, as well as education and retreats,” said Erica Simpson. “It’s the most expensive disease of all to treat, often upwards of $1 million a year, and insurance companies have caps.” Dr. John Hendry was singled out for accolades while over a dozen Acadiana chefs provided gourmet fare, including John Panaro, Gilbert DeCourt, Brad Berwick, Manny Augello, Alex Chaillot, Rian Blanchard, Nash Barreca Jr., Richard Hurst, David Thomas, Kyle Watters III, Jackson Nevitt, Sue Barras and Morgan Cerone Reed, with fine wine by Maxwell’s Market. What we loved: Augello’s Debris ’n’ Grits, Peggy Wooley’s party talk, that event Chair Jan Hamilton graciously asked us to sit down and Pfizer provided the table.

Tea is served at Petroleum Club

This one sold out. Plastic surgeons Louis Mes and Charles Williams spoke honestly on the topic of anti-aging for women while members munched on cucumber sandwiches. We were hard-pressed to find a single woman present who needed their services, however, because pretty as always were Sharon Yeomans, Jan Williams, Cookie Gesser, Carol Trosclair and Advocate sales manager Kathie Zimmermann, who was once both Miss Lafayette and Miss Budweiser, we’ll have you know.

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