Coffee, Anyone?

We love it when the lady of the house gets out her mother’s silver and china. Sarah Schoeffler hosted the Salvation Army Women’s Auxillary for coffee at her East Simcoe home, complete with the above and a white linen tablecloth. The appreciation coffee was held in honor of those ladies who labor tirelessly for the Salvation Army’s thrift store, school uniform drive, men’s shelter and Angel Tree. “Our main purpose is fundraising,” said Auxiliary President Jerrie Rainey. The Salvation Army serves 6 parishes and the children of 500 families in need received holiday presents last year.

Club Tea

The Petroleum Club held its quarterly formal tea featuring Placer Law Firm’s Joseph M. Placer, learned counsel on the subject of wills. Placer spoke on the law’s default provisions as well as situations where a will is advisable, and looking like they were far from needing one were Jo Ellen Cross, Ann Webb, Carol Dugas, Pat Olson and Vickie Hampton.

Les Mains Guidées

Il faisait chaud—it was hot-- but more fun than the food network any day. Vermilionville put on Les Mains Guidées, a cooking demonstration of 18th century open hearth cooking, courtesy of Emily Lemieux. Starting her day by scrounging firewood, historical reenactor and interpreter Lemieux says you don’t have to be her to do it. “I learned by spending time with older residents who remembered,” she said. “It’s fun to know how and I enjoy making the past relevant.” Lemieux taught a good basic, one-pot Creole “jambalaya” dish 18th-century style, and ready with their own cast iron were Tambra Tabor and Bonnie Hale.