Being a fashion designer is a lot like living south of the Equator. When it’s cold elsewhere, it’s warm and vice versa. So even as you button up against wintry blasts, next season’s sunny trends are already fixed. They’re difficult to narrow down this spring, because, according to who you believe, there are as few as 10 or as many as 20 trends. Ladies, here’s a portion of the runway waiting for you.

Gingham: From tablecloth checks to tiny ones, some look like a man’s shirt passed off as a dress, while others seem right out the baby’s crib. Also seen with cutouts, slits and plunging necks. More “oh baby” than baby.

Pastel suede: You can afford to get this cleaned, correct?

The ’70s: I was young in the ’70s. I still don’t remember any of it.

Power shoulders: Padded up like Peyton Manning or bare like the locker room.

Out-of-the-ordinary animals prints: Scorpions, jelly fish, flamingos are big. Your 2014 leopard, not so much.

Modern safari: Khaki, camouflage and cargo pants. “Out of Africa” redone. Do not pair with Out of Ordinary Animal Prints.

Asymmetrical hems: One side touches your knee, the other side touches your elbow.

Sporty minimalism: What seems to be knee-length windbreakers, tennis shoes and man’s polo shirt passed off as a dress.

Sultry transparency: This has been held over from last season. It means people can see through your clothes.

Apron skirts: You wear two skirts — a short one over a long one — and they must be different colors. Looks like Costumes from Around the World. Pair with sultry transparency.

Androgynous: Looks like a man.

Statement stripes, black and white: Looks like jail.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at or at

Prince wedding party

This was one jazzy reception. Jim and Nancy Prince greeted guests at City Club’s Fleur de Lis ballroom and there were no shortage of VIP well-wishers: Mayor and the missus Joey and Lynn Durel, Dr. Jay Culotta, anchorwoman Blue Rolfus and city government’s Dee Stanley, Todd Prince and Cie., daughter Diane Dorsa, and they were still coming. “We’ve known Jim forever” was the universal comment, and the bride, too. “I worked for Nancy for 28 years,” said Sonia Vice, who went to the couple’s Singer Island West Palm Beach wedding. “We did a little bit of Palm Beach, and the wedding was in the gazebo on the ocean. It was touching.”

Past queens party

What a great party. Krewe of Victoria past Queen Tish Johnson hosted other former monarchs at an intimate Kings Road cocktail dinner. Landscaped and decorated by none other than Perry Stelly, head of horticulture for Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, the place was worthy of royalty to be sure. “We’re using our theme ‘Bayou Treasures’ again,” said Johnson. “I received a lot of alligator pewter when I was queen.” We love recycling, and enjoying the alligators and more were Prince Albert David Romagosa, Queen Victoria Sue Lein, Luis and Teresa Meza, pretty duchess Sara Leger, dame commander Lynn Crochet and Troubadours King 2015 Don Johnson, who we heard had to give up three planes and motorcycle due to a broken leg. Being king isn’t easy.

The Great Gatsby

What do you call a room full of lawyers playing poker? A good cause. The Lafayette Bar Association held a casino night in the King’s Road home of Tom and Paula Bertuccini, and Texas Hold ’em wasn’t the only game in town. Guests dressed in Roaring Twenties attire to play pool, roulette and blackjack, all to benefit Avec Les Enfants. Looking like the bee’s knees were LBA President Kyle Gideon, Judy Kennedy, Todd and Maggie Simar, Nicole Breaux, Jack Miller, David Blanchet and Helen Popich Harris. Avec Les Enfants assists non-domiciliary parents and their children with visitation due to court order.