City Club hosts 705 luncheon

There was a lot more going on than just crabmeat and avocado at 705’s June Learn and Lunch. Dr. Derrick Hines, owner of Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab, spoke to a select audience about modern movement and pain. “Only 8 percent of people today have jobs that can be considered active,” said Hines. “We see them come in saying ‘I don’t know why my neck hurts so much’ as they’re bent over their phones.” Among society’s next generation were LAGCOE lady Danielle Morrissey, Chris Lafstrom, Ryan Cazares, Zachary McNeal, Beau Bourque, Philip Debaillon, school board hopeful Erick Knezek and 705 marketing chair Adam Chapman, who said of the mostly male vanguard, “Men are punctual, that’s why we’re here.” Ladies, if you missed this one, you shouldn’t have — these gentlemen are who you want to sit next to at lunch.

705 gets schooled

America’s Coffee House hosted 705 and the Lafayette Parish Public Education Stakeholder Council for an early-morning kaffeeklatsch, the better to dish about the community schools and the power of collective impact. Representing LaPESC were Margaret Trahan, Valerye Boles and a well-spoken Jan Swift, who urged those gathered to get involved. “I’m going to talk about how we got started and our common vision for the future,” said Trahan, who said she’s been to many late-night school board meetings recently. “Always bring a protein bar, that’s my secret.” Getting schooled were Cory LaGrange, handsome Ahmed Siddiqui, United Title attorney Joan Wallace, well-mannered Michael Hare, Adam Chapman and Simon Mahan. LaPesc is not political and looks for middle ground between the School Board and the community.

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