The Petroleum Club’s Grill Bar played host on a Thursday night to Crescent Crown Distributing and their hard cider. Club members were treated to tasting and as well as a little history lesson by division Vice President Chris Bourg. “It’s the old made new again,” said Bourg, who explained that cider’s been around since time immemorial. “There’s been a resurgence in the U.S.; George Washington made his own cider.” Of the three presented — Crispin, Sam Adams’ Angry Orchard and Strongbow, a Heineken product — the apple of our eye was the last one, there’s your society cider. As for guests, there were no bad apples in this bunch, which included Rachel and Chad Murray, Rhonda Nelson, Tim Neal, Kathy McKee, Caitlin McKee, Pat Olson, Cecile Mouton and Mella and Raoul Viera.

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