Some experts think women have a problem with their language. Too soft-spoken, too accommodating, apologetic and self-deprecating, females undermine themselves in the business world. Others think society is the one with the problem.

Nevertheless, there is a new Chrome app to solve this. “Just Not Sorry” is a plug-in for Gmail that highlights when you type “just” or “sorry,” and underlines those plus other namby-pamby words. It appears as though you’ve misspelled something, and thus alerted, women can lean in and substitute more direct forms of communication. It takes three minutes to download, then every email is reviewed for certain triggers. The idea is that when women qualify their speech, it minimizes their presence and invites others to walk all over them.

“Just Not Sorry” has triggered a many-splendored response.

Some women are enthusiastic and downloads already number in the thousands. Opponents say women who don’t minimize themselves are considered maximum bitches. Then there are feminists who wonder where the app is that stops people from judging women.

It’s true, language is gendered and an astute reader can tell immediately if the passage was written by a male or female. And while no one contests that “Does this make sense?” should be stricken from everyone’s vocabulary, it’s also been argued by experts that women tend to use linguistic forms which reflect and reinforce a subordinate role in society, and it’s a fact women’s language is often characterized by formal and deferential politeness.

That said, the words “sorry” and “just” are absolutely necessary to women in business communication.

As in, “Sorry, I didn’t respond sooner about getting together after work. Just let me check with your wife.”

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at

Wedding bells

The bride glowed and the champagne flowed as newlyweds Josh and Natalie Dworaczyk celebrated their wedding with a lush reception at La Marquise. The former LSU offensive lineman and his bride hosted over 600 well-wishers, family and friends from two cities and beyond for an elegant champagne buffet served by the Petroleum Club and coordinated by Sheila Lopez. The couple, accompanied by parents Norris and Collette Rader and Roger and Melissa Dworaczyk, arrived by limousine following their St. John ceremony where, after a brief repose, the bride danced with her father to “Tupelo Honey” while the groom’s former teammates, including New York Jets running back Stevan Ridley, former Carolina Panther Will Blackwell, and Tennessee Titans quarterback Zack Mettenberger, took to the floor for “Hold That Tiger.” Also in the lineup were New Iberia Mayor Hilda Curry, Chris Rader et famille, Miriam Krepper and patriarch Norris Rader Sr. The wedding of the year and looked it.

Avast ye!

Still the one. Ladies lined up for hours to get a coveted chair at Les Brigands de Lafitte Ball and Tableau, and it cost them — more than one sent home for her fur as Lafayette temperatures plummeted in the late afternoon. The queue started outside the Heymann Center around 2 in the afternoon for doors opening at 7:30, with female guests taking shifts and more than a little champagne. No shark bait here — you won’t find prettier women anywhere during Mardi Gras (or more rising Carnival stars), and there’s no arguing the men are worth the trouble, especially Blair James, Bill Humphries and Rourke Feerick. “I’ve been waiting for this,” said Feerick. “My mother always told me I was special.” What we loved: The furs, the Foards and that we received a card for the call-out dances.