You needed a shoe horn to get them in. People were lined up like a New York nightclub for Death by Chocolate, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra’s newest fundraiser, and it’s a good thing the fire marshal didn’t happen by. Presented by Lee Michaels, the Louisiana Restaurant Association, Schilling and Three Olives Chocolate et al, the entire evening centered on one guilty pleasure. Ruffino’s brought their lobster with port, chocolate reduction, pear and chocolate caviar, while Social’s Eli Touchet mixed martinis so sticky he couldn’t shake hands. Among the symphony of black were executive director Jenny Krueger, Maestro Mariusz Smolij, board member Pat Olson, Kathy Stokely, posh Veronica Rodrigue, Thomas LeMaire and restaurateur Frank “Big Fish” Randol. What we loved: The crawfish pies and the fact that a Cajundome-sized crowd managed to get into The Petroleum Club.

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