The state’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control saw a reduced number of underage alcohol and tobacco sales both in Lafayette Parish and statewide during a two-week-long compliance check during the Mardi Gras holiday.

The ATC checked 182 businesses in Lafayette Parish from Feb. 2-16 and reported only 10 illegal sales, or about 5 percent of businesses checked, according to a news release Thursday from ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert.

Of 860 businesses checked for compliance over that time period, the ATC issued 149 citations for sales of alcohol and tobacco to minors, Hebert said.

The number of compliance checks more than tripled, yet the number of illegal sales dropped from 33 percent of the businesses checked in 2014 to 17 percent in 2015, Hebert said.

Most of the compliance checks were conduced through 16- and 17-year-old “undercover operatives,” Hebert said.