NEW IBERIA — The Youngsville City Council introduced three ordinances Thursday that would place new requirements on developers to build sidewalks in subdivisions, provide green space on commercial property, and set size requirements for residential lots.

The proposed sidewalk ordinance would require that developers building new subdivisions must add sidewalks on both sides of the new road, council member Dianne McClelland said.

The law would only affect new construction, and all costs for the sidewalks would fall on the developer.

Council member Tim Barbier said the new law could create a situation where there is a patchwork of sidewalks across the city with gaps between undeveloped properties.

McClelland said she and city officials plan to unite all the city sidewalks under one master plan. She said they hope new developments will fill the gaps over time, but the city’s master plan will address what is left. She added that the intent is to provide safe walking areas for pedestrians within the city.

The second ordinance would require new commercial property to include 10 percent of green space or 30 feet of green space between businesses and residential boundaries.

Mayor Wilson Viator said the proposed green space ordinance does not require any particular type of landscaping on the property.

Grass, trees or even a retention pond would meet the proposed requirements. He said the intent of the 30-foot space between business and residential property was to offer a sound buffer for residents.

The third ordinance requires that a single plat for residential developments be at least 7,500 square feet with the front yard extending 60 feet to the road, Viator said.

The proposed ordinance makes an exception of 25 feet of front yard space for homes in a cul-de-sac.

Viator said all three ordinances can be changed and encouraged the public to present their views before the ordinances are adopted. No date on final adoption was set.

In other business, the City Council:

NEW PROPERTY ANNEXATIONS: The council unanimously approved the annexation of 8.5 acres of land near the intersection of Hill Ridge Drive and South Larriviere Road, which is located in the southeast section of the city.

The council also unanimously introduced an ordinance to annex 14.5 acres of property near the intersection of Bonin Road and Serenity Drive, which is located in the northwest section of the city.