VILLE PLATTE — The Evangeline Parish Police Jury discussed Monday its monthly contribution of $650 to the Ville Platte Chamber and Tourism Commission.

Police Juror Lamar Johnson questioned why the parish was making the monthly contribution. Juror Bob Manuel said the use of the money has evolved through the years.

When the parish’s contributions first began more than 30 years ago, a chamber employee was responsible for maintaining the Ward One Industrial Park, including reading meters and cutting the grass.

Currently, Ville Platte provides the building that houses both the Chamber of Commerce and the parish tourism commission.

In a cooperative agreement, the parish agreed to contribute $650 a month for the operational expenses of both offices.

After much discussion, the Police Jury approved a motion by Manuel to continue making the monthly contributions and to update how the funds are being used.

In other business:

SECURITY FENCE: In another matter, the Police Jury reviewed a plan by Cameron Corp. to erect a new security fence along its employee parking lot, which would include a gate across a new street in the Industrial Park. The street was funded by Cameron but is maintained by the Police Jury.

Jury legal adviser Marcus Fontenot cautioned the jury that the industry cannot block access to a public road.

The jury referred the matter to its road and bridge committee for review.

VOTING PRECINCTS: The jury approved moving a number of voting precincts because of space problems on Nita Drive behind T&J Ford in Ville Platte to the veterans home on West Main Street beginning next year.

SECURITY FENCE: The jury approved B&T Fence’s low bid of $33,125 for a new security fence at Crooked Creek Park.

LOW QUOTES: The jury approved low bids for limestone and culverts and took advisement quotes for its fuel supplier.

SALES TAX: The jury was told that sales tax collections for July were $254,119, which was less than the $326,000 collected in June.