This city’s residents are being asked to rate their government and give voice to how they want to see their fast-growing community take shape for the future.

Residents have through Friday to answer an anonymous online survey that’s designed to get their views on Youngsville’s infrastructure, services, amenities and employees, and to rank the areas they deem most important in constructing a master plan.

City officials developed the 34-question survey with associate management professor Patricia Lanier, Ph.D., with the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Participants are asked to rate services like utilities and public safety, for example, as well as the quality of the city’s drainage systems, roadways and public spaces.

Those taking the confidential survey can comment on whether they feel their tax dollars are spent efficiently, whether they’re satisfied with the quality of life in Youngsville, and if they would like to see bike lanes, more public spaces or LUS Fiber Internet service available in the city.

Mayor-Elect Ken Ritter said the survey’s result will assist his incoming leadership team in prioritizing the community’s needs.

“It is important to me to develop a community plan early in my administration to evaluate how we’re doing in the public’s mind,” Ritter said in a news release.

The results of the survey will go directly to the university, where seven executive master’s of business administration students will sift through the responses, according to UL-Lafayette Engagement and Outreach Officer Marisa Collins.

“The students will take that information, analyze it and compile it, and that way, any participant can remain anonymous,” Collins said.

Results will be factored into the city’s developing master plan, which also is being constructed free of charge in coordination with business-college students at UL-Lafayette.

“We’re excited to see this develop into actual, tangible results that will be put to use,” Collins said.

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