The deadline for signing up as a partner with the regional economic initiative “Campaign for One Acadiana” is Saturday.

The push to create a multiparish economic development organization began last year, including the fundraising goal of securing $3 million a year over the next five years.

Jason El Koubi, president and chief executive of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce that now runs the nine-parish One Acadiana, said contributions have been coming in but the group has not quite reached what’s needed yet.

“We are quickly closing in on our $3 million annual budget goal,” El Koubi said. “In order to cross the finish line, we need business leaders across the region on board with us as co-investors.”

The list of contributors will be named after Saturday, the Jan. 31 deadline set by the chamber.

Contributors become part of a tiered system, with those contributing the most having the most influence.

Backers of One Acadiana, the current name for an organization that has yet to be formally named, say the organization will help the region speak with a stronger voice to pull in business and federal funds.

Anyone wishing to join can still contact the organization’s Investor Relations Director Missy Bienvenu Andrade at missy@oneacadiana .org or call (337) 408-3652.