LAFAYETTE — Development of a public park from a “horse farm” will include community involvement in the early stages, said the Lafayette Central Park, the nonprofit organization overseeing the creation of the park.

The Urban Land Institute, an independent, global nonprofit organization, will organize an “independent and transparent process” for community involvement to determine “what the community wants to see on the property,” according to a release.

“It is essential to have both significant and broad input from the community regarding what they would like to see incorporated in the park,” said Lafayette Central Park Chairman Lenny Lemoine in a news release.

Community interviews are planned June 10-13 to gather input. Details of the interview process are still undefined.

The Lafayette Consolidated Council purchased nearly 100 acres on Johnston Street owned by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette last year.

It could cost about $30.4 million to develop the property — $2.6 million for planning, $13.9 million for construction and $13.9 million to create an endowment to cover long-term maintenance expenses, according to preliminary figures presented in January.