Those looking to gain experience as a videographer while volunteering in the community can do both with AOC Community Media’s new “Take on Lafayette” project.

The project assigns volunteers to video local events for AOC’s two public access television channels.

Volunteers don’t need prior camera experience and will receive on-assignment coaching as well as access to the necessary equipment, said Nancy Judice, AOC marketing director.

“This is definitely not your typical volunteer project,” Judice said.

Volunteers can choose assignments from a list of community events selected by AOC, generally lesser-known events not covered by mainstream media in the area.

“Our city is the real deal, and people are starting to participate in a big way,” said AOC Executive Director Ed Bowie. “But not everything in our area is getting the attention it deserves.”

The goal is to help shine a light on all of Lafayette Parish, “not just the parts that make the front page or the ‘best of’ lists,” Bowie said.

AOC airs on Cox Communications channels 15 and 16 and LUS Fiber channels 3 and 4.

AOC is a nonprofit that aims to build an “informed and engaged community through media, technology and education,” according to its website.

People may join the organization by paying a yearly fee, which gives members access to classes offered by AOC, as well as use of the group’s technology and media studios.