SCOTT — The city is hosting a weeklong series of public meetings next month to help shape a plan to guide the city’s growth in the coming decades.

“It’s going to give the people an opportunity to bring their ideas about what they want to see,” Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said.

The Scott 2032 plan is expected to address a wide range of issues, including drainage, economic development, roads, recreation and what areas of the city might be most suitable for different types of development.

“It’s a long-term vision for the future of Scott for the next 20 years,” said Krista Goodin, director of planning for Fenstermaker, the consulting firm that is leading the project for Scott.

The public sessions begin on Oct. 10 with an opening presentation, followed by focus groups and design sessions from Oct. 11 though Oct. 15, and a closing presentation on Oct. 17.

The meetings will be held at Scott City Hall or next door at the Emergency Services Building.

Goodin said the long-term plan will take shape over the course of the week based on input from residents.

Morrison said residents who show up will be offering more than just abstract comments on the future of the city.

They will in many cases have the opportunity to pinpoint on a map where they would like to see a sidewalk, a park or improved drainage, he said.

The plan might also address the possibility of creating a historical district in the city, and residents can weigh in on such questions as where it would be and what it would look like, Goodin said.

Planners began work on the project this summer and have already met with some of the city’s leaders and community groups.

Goodin said the plan is expected to be finalized early next year, and Fenstermaker will then work with city officials on what new policies or regulations might be needed to implement it.

She said the work will also involve the creation of a zoning plan for Scott, the largest municipality in Lafayette Parish outside of the city of Lafayette.

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