The youngsters wiggled, laughed, sang and danced, 50 or so 4-year-olds who on Wednesday celebrated the end of pre-kindergarten at Truman Early Childhood Education Center.

In the audience, parents with camera phones jostled for a clear view of their kids — who are barely out of toddlerhood — receiving their diplomas at the center’s spring graduation.

As their names were called, the children were hugged by teachers before grabbing their diplomas — bright green degrees tied with pearly ribbons.

The young pupils showed off what they’ve learned in the “Do Re Me” program, a curriculum designed by the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory. The program uses music to help students master math, social studies, language skills and other subjects.

The youngsters shook maracas and sang “Animals in the Jungle,” then juggled neon scarves to “What a Wonderful World.”

“It was really awesome,” said Priscilla Young, mother of graduate Kameron Andrews. “They were all really cute.”

The center, also known as Truman Montessori, teaches 4-year-olds exclusively. Its 480 students are divided among 24 classes preparing them for elementary school.

Wednesday’s graduation program was produced and directed by Jessica Eyster and Daniel Gale, of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory; and Becky Ohlenforst and Franceda Houston, of the Truman Early Childhood Education Center Physical Education Department.