The state Supreme Court has denied an appeal by Lafayette school bus driver Kenny Mire, who sought to suppress speed radar evidence in his drunken-driving case in Lafayette.

Mire was arrested in September 2009 and accused of drunken driving after he was stopped for speeding by a state trooper.

District Judge Edward Rubin suppressed speed radar evidence in March in the case for lack of evidence that the equipment had been properly calibrated.

A state appellate court reversed Rubin’s ruling last month, stating that according to evidence presented in the March hearing, a discrepancy in the trooper’s calibration log was a “mere typographical error.”

Mire appealed that decision to the state Supreme Court, which issued its ruling Friday.

Mire began his employment as a Lafayette Parish school bus driver in 2002.

Mire had been on leave with pay from October 2009 until January, when he began working as a bus attendant.

The case moves forward without breath analysis evidence, which was thrown out by the court in November .

His arrest inspired new state policy that took effect Jan. 1 that requires bus drivers to report an impaired driving arrest within 24 hours or prior to the drivers’ next driving assignment.

The case is scheduled for trial Sept. 14.