SCOTT — The City Council is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to place a moratorium on new mobile home parks within the city limits.

The move comes after the council in June rejected a developer’s plans for a 102-lot mobile home park on undeveloped land along Fenetre Road.

“We had so much opposition to that trailer park,” Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said.

Morrison said he feels the moratorium is needed because the city has just begun working with a consultant on a long-term growth plan that might include recommendations for stricter rules on the development of mobile home parks.

The moratorium, if approved, is expected to remain in place for at least a year while the long-term plan is developed, Morrison said.

The recommendations that emerge from the planning process would be subject to public hearings and council approval.

The moratorium would affect only mobile home parks — defined as five or more mobile homes — not single mobile homes or groupings of less than five, Morrison said.

Existing mobile home parks would not be affected.

When Morrison served on the Lafayette City-Parish Council before taking the mayor’s office in Scott this year, he helped overhaul the regulations for mobile home parks in the rural areas of the parish.

The mobile home regulations for the unincorporated areas outside of cities now require sidewalks, paved streets, recreation space, sightproof fencing and a community sewer system rather than individual septic tanks.

In many respects, the new regulations for mobile home parks in rural areas are tougher than for conventional subdivisions.