Jeanerette has widespread accounting problems, including a failure to reconcile bank statements for more than a year, a lack of controls over the use of fuel and not requiring all employees to use time sheets, according to a report released Monday by the state legislative auditor.

The advisory report — a list of problems and recommended fixes — found no wrongdoing but cited 15 areas of concern, mostly dealing with poor accounting practices.

“My staff will be monitoring the resolution of these issues,” Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera wrote in a letter to Jeanerette Mayor Aprill Foulcard advising her of the results of the review.

Foulcard could not be reached Monday for comment.

Many of the problems outlined in the report released Monday have been touched on in prior audits and pre-date Foulcard, who has held the post for less than a year.

She was appointed interim mayor in July following the death of Mayor Tim deClouet, who died two years into his first term.

Among the problems highlighted in the recent auditor’s report:

n The city’s bank statements have not been reconciled since June 2012.

n The city was delinquent last year in filing its third quarter payroll report with the Internal Revenue Service.

n The city did not have adequate controls over fuel use.

n All employees were not required to complete and submit time sheets.

n City staff had difficulty finding financial records for the auditors.

n The city did not have a proper review process to ensure that new employees were added to the city’s health plan and p remiums were being paid on time.

n T he lease agreement for a city facility had dates that differed from the dates in the ordinance for the lease approved by the B oard of Aldermen.