Lafayette Consolidated Government is preparing to unveil a new logo next month, an updated identity for websites, signs, business cards, letterhead and everything else that bears the city-parish’s mark.

City-Parish Parish President Joey Durel is mum on what that new logo will look like, other than to say it will dispense with the fleur-de-lis and steer clear of other symbols that traditionally have been associated with the area.

The hope is to re-brand Lafayette with an image “that is more progressive, that identifies Lafayette as a city of the future,” he said.

The current logo for city-parish government was created in 1996.

It features a fleur-de-lis superimposed on an outline of Lafayette Parish, with a background filled by colors that gradually change from reddish orange to yellow to green to blue.

Durel said there have long been complaints that the logo is difficult to reproduce, mainly because of the multitude of changing colors in the background.

“It can be done, but not always effectively,” said Durel’s assistant, Carlee Alm-LaBar, who has been helping manage the redesign.

Some city-parish government signs already reduce the background of the logo to one color.

The redesign work is being done by Lafayette-based Right Angle advertising.

The firm also redesigned the Lafayette Parish School System’s logo in 2009.

Right Angle has been working for about a year under a $27,000 contract to create the logo and to integrate the new design into everything that uses the symbol of city-parish government, such as email signatures, letterheads and business cards.

The company will also help tweak city-parish government’s website to fit with the design of the new logo, Alm-LaBar said.

As part of the contract, Right Angle already has fashioned a look for city-parish government’s new natural-gas buses, which are decorated with large green leaves on the sides and the phrase “fueled by nature.”

Five of the natural gas-fueled buses arrived in June as part of the city-parish government’s plan to replace the diesel-powered fleet with buses that run on what is billed as a cleaner-burning alternative fuel.

Durel said a tentative date of Oct. 27 has been set to unveil the new Lafayette logo.

He said the design team has met with the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission, and others to solicit ideas for the new look.

“They’ve done a lot of legwork,” Durel said.