BROUSSARD — The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the overlay of Albertson Parkway.

While discussing the 2011-12 fiscal year’s proposed budget, Mayor Charles Langlinais asked the council if it wanted to approve additional funds for the overlay of the major thoroughfare.

After Councilman Terry Guilbeau said it would cost about $300,000 just to overlay the street, Langlinais suggested the council increase the road budget from $600,000 to $1 million to address the problem more permanently.

The projected cost to overlay the road is about $700,000.

“Albertson Parkway needs an overlay job,” Guilbeau said, agreeing with the mayor.

After Maintenance and Transportation Superintendent Larry Champagne said patching the thoroughfare would only last two or three years at most, Langlinais first suggested the city bid on both with the overlay as an option, then recommended the city address the problem with a more permanent solution.

City Auditor Gene Chiarulli also agreed more money needed to be allocated to city roads.

He said most of last year’s budget was already spent with more projects on the horizon before the close of the fiscal year June 30 and agreed the move would be a good one for the city.

Work would begin about 90 days after bids are received and approved.