FRANKLIN — The St. Mary Parish Council voted 8-0 Wednesday to ask parish voters to decide whether they want to authorize an additional homestead exemption for severely disabled veterans and surviving spouses.

A new state law allows voters in each parish to decide whether they want to give disabled veterans the extra exemption.

St. Mary Parish Veterans Administration representative Earl Veede said, if parish voters approve it, the state law will allow the doubling of the homestead exemption of $100,000 to $200,000.

The law is aimed at veterans who suffered 100 percent service-related disabilities, such as the loss of a limb or brain damage. The disability has to render the veteran unemployable due to the injury, he said.

“Of the 2,700 vets in St. Mary Parish, about 81 individuals are 100 percent disabled, but not all own homes, maybe 50 or 75 people,” Veede said. “It should not result in a great loss of money to the parish.”

Parish President Paul Naquin said he hoped to put the issue on the ballot in the Oct. 22 statewide election, but the date was subject to change.

Councilmen Glen Hidalgo, Logan Fromenthal and Kevin Voisin were absent for the vote.