The settlement last week of a lawsuit over Youngsville’s annexation of 57 acres along Ambassador Caffery Parkway opens the door for Broussard to take in more frontage along the new four-lane in Lafayette Parish, a lawyer representing the city said Monday.

Broussard also plans to push forward with a lawsuit against Lafayette, challenging the larger city’s annexation of 220 acres along Ambassador Caffery, said attorney Allan Durand, who is representing Broussard in the annexation dispute.

Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator announced on Friday that the city will undo its annexation of 7 acres out of 57 acres the city annexed last year along Ambassador Caffery, a concession to settle a lawsuit brought by landowners who challenged their inclusion in the annexed area.

Broussard had already begun the process of annexing some of the contested property before Youngsville staked its claim.

Durand, who also represents the landowners who challenged the annexation, said Monday that Broussard will likely resume its efforts to annex the 7 acres that Youngsville has agreed to give up.

The 7-acre tract is along Ambassador Caffery and touches the current city limits of Broussard, Durand said.

The maneuvering comes in an ongoing annexation battle that has pitted Broussard against Youngsville and Lafayette.

The prize is frontage along the new southern stretch of Ambassador Caffery Parkway, which could be a lucrative source of sales tax revenue if it develops as expected into a commercial corridor.

Broussard has a pending lawsuit against Lafayette contesting another Ambassador Caffery annexation, and Durand said he plans to push forward in that case now that the Youngsville issue has been settled.

“I have to go throw some gas on that fire,” he said of the Lafayette lawsuit, which has been largely dormant for the past year.

Broussard argues in its lawsuit that Lafayette’s annexation last year of 220 acres along Ambassador Caffery includes 50 acres owned by a real estate company that had sought to join Broussard rather than Lafayette.

The six-mile extension of Ambassador Caffery Parkway opened in April 2010.

Half of the new stretch was already in Broussard when the road opened.

The other half had cut through an unincorporated area of the parish bordered by Broussard, Youngsville and Lafayette.

Most of that frontage has since been annexed or is being considered for annexation by Lafayette, Youngsville or Broussard.

Broussard officials have argued that they have a right to more Ambassador Caffery frontage because the city contributed $10 million to help complete the $60 million state road project.

Lafayette officials have countered that city-parish government took over the responsibility for maintenance for several miles of state road in return for the state agreeing to extend Ambassador Caffery.