Under the heading “Lies of the century” John “Rusty” Houser wrote:

“Women are on average equal to men (mentally or physically)”

“Men are not most often the best ‘head of household’?”

“Blacks are on average mentally equal to whites.”

“America is not close to economic collapse”

Much of the journal is his list of criticisms of the United States, including liberals, Fox News and various political leaders. He repeatedly refers to “soft targets” throughout the journal.

“If you have not stood against filth, you are now a soft target.”

“Whatever it takes to turn ‘America’ around is worth the price.”

“The path prepared by liberals could not be followed by anyone. There are not enough metal detectors, nor people to tend them, to stop what has been initiated.”

“If the founders of this nation could have seen what the U.S. would become, they would say ‘let us destroy it now.’?”

“Soft targets are everywhere. Military, police, etc. Designations are not necessary.”

Houser reflected on the actions he was about to take in a few places throughout the journal.

“I do not look forward to my own end but do not trust myself in captivity. It is possible, but not likely, that I could say something I do not believe.”

“Yes, it will be said and said, ‘how senseless,’ but if my act drains the value of the dollar (because it is not based on anything) by creating new expenses (guards, bulletproof glass, etc. at movie theaters) it is for good overall. The U.S. is the enemy of good, of God.”

“No matter how perverted the presentation of these notes, or censorship, the contribution is made. Therefore I leave it all in hopes of truth, my death all but assured.”

“My choice is clear for anyone that is a leader. If you see truth, you know what is to come.”

Houser twice references Dylann Roof, the suspect accused of killing nine people at an African-American church in Charleston, S.C., on June 17, six weeks before the shooting in Lafayette.

“Had Dylann Roof reached political maturity he would have seen the word is not n*****, but liberal. But thank you for the wake-up call Dylann.”