LAFAYETTE — A former city-parish employee was sentenced to five years probation on a video voyeurism charge for hiding a camera inside the men’s bathroom at Lafayette’s Department of Planning, Zoning and Codes.

Jeffery David Larcade, 40, of Lafayette, was charged in 2011 after employees discovered the small camera taped to the inside of a urinal.

Larcade pleaded no contest Monday in an agreement that calls for five years supervised probation, a $1,000 fine and 150 hours of community service, according to court records.

Larcade had worked as a planner with Planning, Zoning and Codes since 1998 and was fired soon after the discovery of the camera by his fellow employees.

City-parish officials said at the time that the camera did not capture any images of the general public, only city employees.

Larcade’s defense attorney, Thomas Guilbeau, said Wednesday that the man was not motivated by sexual desires but rather was responding to what he felt was an unpleasant work environment.

“He was unhappy with his work conditions and he acted out in that way,” Guilbeau said.

The attorney characterized Larcade as an “outstanding young man” who had no prior criminal record.

Larcade gave a written statement after his arrest indicating that he had placed the camera in the urinal to test the device.

“I have no explanation to give that would make any of this make sense, especially the subject matter,” he wrote. “What I have done is wrong.”

Employees at the Planning, Zoning and Codes Department called police after discovering the camera and then viewing contents of the camera’s memory card and realizing it contained images of men’s genitals, according to a summary of the investigation filed in the court record.