Former Lafayette cop on trial in sexual battery case _lowres

Jackie Hagan

Two women testified Tuesday that former Lafayette policeman Jackie Hagan Jr. touched them in sexually criminal ways when they encountered the on-duty officer in 2011 — one in August, the other in November — and that they were at first scared to report him to the Police Department.

Hagan, who took the stand in his defense on the trial’s second day, testified that both women were untruthful in what they told detectives and in what they said on the witness stand Tuesday. Hagan said he fought off the advances of the 40-year-old woman in November 2011 before succumbing to temptation and kissing her outside her home. Hagan said he doesn’t remember meeting the other woman, who testified the officer violated her with a probing-hands pat-down near her Jefferson Street home in August of that year.

Hagan, 36, faces up to 10 years in prison at hard labor if all six jurors say he’s guilty of sexual battery. Closing arguments are expected Wednesday morning, after which the jurors will begin deliberation. The trial started Monday.

Hagan is on trial in the alleged November 2011 attack of the 40-year-old woman. Judge Marilyn Castle is allowing the testimony of the other woman, who is younger, to be heard at this week’s trial, even though her case is separate and has not been brought to trial.

The Advocate does not identify victims of sexual crimes.

The younger woman testified — at times in tears — that in August 2011 she and her boyfriend celebrated her 21st birthday by taking drugs along with drinking beer at the Loose Caboose, a bar in what’s called the Strip on McKinley Street. They had an argument that night, she said, and continued to fight into the night back at her house. She said Hagan drove up and told her to get into the back seat of his car while he searched for her boyfriend. She said he came back to the squad car and eventually started to conduct a body search even though she’d done nothing wrong.

Assistant District Attorney Pat Magee asked why she agreed to a search. “He was wearing a police uniform,” she answered. “I didn’t want to go to jail so I let him search me.”

The woman, who was wearing blue jean shorts that night, said Hagan’s hands slipped beneath her bra and into her panties. Afterward, “He said, ‘You’re free to go.’ He didn’t wear gloves. That’s when it hit me that something was wrong.”

She didn’t report the incident. A little over a year later, she was reading the KATC-TV website and saw his photo after he was arrested in the other case. “I seen that he did it to somebody else. I felt horrible. I should have reported it.”

Thomas Alonzo, Hagan’s attorney, asked her to list the drugs she was taking at the time: cocaine, marijuana, Xanax.

“How was your mind at the time?” Alonzo asked.

“I’m sure I wasn’t thinking the clearest,” she answered.

The older woman, who is now 43, testified that she and friends were having a girls’ night out one Saturday and early Sunday in November 2011. One in the party became very drunk, and they were walking back to their vehicles at a downtown parking garage when two guys in a truck beat up another man. One of the responding police officers was Hagan, who ended up driving the woman to her home in northwest Lafayette.

“He told me I looked really pretty tonight,” she testified. “He told me he and his wife had not been sleeping together. … It made me very uncomfortable.”

She said when she got out, Hagan wrapped his arms around her waist and began kissing her before he pulled down her shirt and bra and molested her.

In questioning the woman, Alonzo brought up a lawsuit she filed against the Police Department, Hagan and others seeking unspecified damages. She said she filed the suit on advice from an attorney. Alonzo also brought up inconsistencies between her testimony Tuesday and what she told police in 2011.

During Hagan’s time in the witness chair, Magee asked him why the first story he told Detective Larry Theriot about that night was later changed in a second story to acknowledge he was intimate with the woman.

Hagan said he didn’t want his wife to find out what he did. Hagan called the incident “a mistake in judgment.”

But Magee suggested Hagan wouldn’t have been able to explain to police how his DNA got inside the woman’s bra; Acadiana Crime Lab DNA analyst Trinh Landry testified Tuesday that saliva inside the right cup of the bra belonged to Hagan.

The trial continues Wednesday morning with witness testimony and closing arguments, then with jury deliberations.