St. Landry deputy finds new meaning, viral fame in his role of no-nonsense sheriff’s spokesman _lowres

Advocate Photo by LEE CELANO -- St. Landry Sheriff Sgt. Clay Higgins looks on as then alderman-elect Tyrone Glover speaks during a demonstration in solidarity with police brutality protests nationwide on the courthouse steps in Opelousas on Dec. 18, 2014.

President Clay Higgins?

Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show thinks the tough-talking St. Landry Crime Stoppers spokesman has what it takes to set the nation straight, according to a report to KATC-TV. Fallon featured a viral video of Lt. Higgins on his show this week where Higgins tells the person who burglarized a supermarket that his next meal may be coming “through a small hole in a cell door.”

“I have a question, can that guy run for president? I want that guy to run for president. I love him,” Fallon said.

Higgins’ response the idea: “I would say that I’m not ready to be president, and the country is not ready for me to be president.”

See the KATC report here.