The Lafayette City-Parish Council on Tuesday snuffed out smoking in bars, reversing course after shooting down a similar ban two years ago.

The council voted 7-2 to approve the ban, making it the 11th city to expand smoking prohibitions to cover bars. The ban also applies to bingo parlors.

Council members William Theriot and Jared Bellard cast the only “no” votes.

Supporting the new regulations were council members Kenneth Boudreaux, Liz Hebert, Nanette Cook, Bruce Conque, Kevin Naquin, Pat Lewis and Jay Castille.

The council had considered a similar ban in 2015, but it failed by a 5-4 vote, with opponents questioning how far government should go in regulating private business.

But three of the councilmen who opposed the measure have since been replaced by new members.

The ban was expected to pass going into Tuesday’s council meeting.

Five council members had signed off as authors, enough to secure passage, and a sixth member has said he plans to support the ban even though he did not sign on as a co-author.

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