LAFAYETTE — Police arrested a 15-year-old Moss Preparatory student last week for his false report on Feb. 8 that a gunman was on campus, police Cpl. Paul Mouton said Thursday.

The report of a man with a gun on the campus led to a temporary lockdown and the early dismissal of the site, which houses alternative programs for students with discipline issues.

A school resource officer’s investigation into the incident led to the teen’s arrest, Mouton said in a news release.

A man was on campus, but he didn’t have a gun and he was trying to recover a cell phone the student allegedly stole from him, Mouton said.

“Police identified the person who entered the campus of the N.P. Moss Annex and have recovered the phone from the 15-year-old student,” Mouton said. “At no time during the incident was a gun brought onto the school’s property.”

The student was arrested and booked into the Juvenile Detention Center on Feb. 14 on counts of terrorizing and simple robbery.

A school resource officer can be a police officer or sheriff’s deputy assigned to a school.