A Lafayette youth softball coach is expected to surrender to police Friday evening, accused of withholding information about the post-game brawl in Youngsville that began among teenagers and ended when an adult coach was slugged in the face.

Charell Jackson, the 30-year-old head coach of the Brown Park Athletic Association’s U16 girls slow-pitch softball team, withheld information about the identity of the accused slugger, who is her brother, Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux said.

“(Jackson) has lied and deceived through the whole investigation and withheld pertinent information,” Boudreaux said.

Through an attorney, Jackson agreed on Friday to surrender, Boudreaux said.

Jackson will be booked on a count of obstructing justice in the case, which began after the Tuesday softball game at the Youngsville Sports Complex. Police said the victim, who’s head coach of the Broussard-Youngsville Youth Association team, had her nose broken in three places when she was punched while trying to break up a fight among the players.

Herman Lewis, 23, of Lafayette, was booked Thursday on a count of second-degree battery in the melee and has since been released on $40,000 bail. Boudreaux said Lewis is Jackson’s brother, and he was working as assistant coach that night.

Jackson initially told police she had recruited the assailant at random to work that night and could provide no information about his identity, Boudreaux said.

Meanwhile, two of Jackson’s teenaged players have been identified and police are working to identify a third accused of jumping on one of the opposing team’s players as they shook hands after the game, Boudreaux said.

“I expect more arrests to follow,” he said.

Players on the teams range from 14- to 16-years-old.

Youngsville laid out a list of penalties Wednesday in response to the incident.

Brown Park’s U16 girls slow-pitch team is banned from playing in Youngsville for the rest of the year, and any other team from the Brown Park Youth Association that plays at the complex for the remainder of the year will be required to pay for an officer to work security detail at each game.

It’s unclear whether Jackson’s position will be affected by the incident. A representative with Lafayette Consolidated Government’s athletic programs department was not immediately available Friday afternoon for comment.

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