Investigators had not yet cleared the scene of last week’s mass shooting at a Lafayette movie theater when they began working another homicide, this one on the north end of town and marking the first in a three-day string of shootings that left two dead and two injured.

On Monday, Dravin Stevenson, 18, was shot and killed at a Sunnyside Lane home. On Tuesday, two men, ages 20 and 27, were injured after each was shot three times on North Loop Street. And on Wednesday, 19-year-old Deontra Alexander, of Lafayette, was fatally shot at a home on 12th Street.

The two killings mark the fifth and sixth in the area since May.

“Too many families are being put through this pain and hurt,” Lester Logan, 23, said outside his home a few houses down from the 12th Street crime scene.

Not only did Logan lose a close friend in Jo’Nathan Delacroix — an 18-year-old Northside High School senior killed in May, also on 12th Street, by a friend playing with a gun — but he also lost someone “like a brother” in the Monday shooting death of Stevenson.

And as Logan reeled from that loss, he recalled dialing 911 about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday when he heard the single gunshot that killed Alexander.

“Lafayette is really going crazy,” Logan said. “People are scared to go places because you never know what’s gonna happen. You never know who has what and what is on their mind.”

Police on Wednesday afternoon arrested Felix Parry Pierre, 23, of Lafayette, on a count of second-degree murder in Alexander’s death.

On Tuesday morning, officers arrested 25-year-old Quentin J. Cooper on a count of principal to first-degree murder in Stevenson’s death and issued a first-degree murder warrant for Lawrence Lynel Blackburn, 37, who’s accused of pulling the trigger. Both suspects are from Morgan City.

The arrests mark the first in a number of homicides under investigation by the Lafayette Police Department over a three-month period.

Aaron Brooks Jr., 32, died from bullet wounds on May 8 at his Northeast Evangeline Thruway home, and someone on May 24 shot and killed 51-year-old Scottie Alfred inside his parked car outside a relative’s East Foch Street home.

Police on June 30 found Damien Champ, 21, of Lafayette, dead from bullet wounds on Bossier Street, and on July 17, someone shot dead 30-year-old Amon Bob, of Lafayette, on Simcoe Street.

No arrests have been made in any of the four killings.

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