A Morgan City resident who was arguing with another woman Saturday received some payback when her nemesis turned the tables.

Nsikan St. Martin called Morgan City police to remove Alisa O. Marshall from her Marquis Manor subdivision home. During a conversation with officers, St. Martin informed them they would find marijuana in Marshall’s vehicle, which was parked outside, officials said.

Marshall, 37, who also lives in the Marquis Manor subdivision, consented to a search, Police Chief James Blair said in a news release.

Marshall was arrested and was headed to jail when she told the officers that she too had something to say: “… Marshall stated that suspected marijuana could be located in the bedroom of St. Martin,” Blair said.

Police allegedly found more than pot in St. Martin’s bedroom. Blair said officers also confiscated Alprazolam and Methylphenidate pills, drugs that are illegal to possess without a prescription.

The officers also discovered and confiscated several firearms they found in the bedroom, Blair said.

St. Martin, 32, was booked into the Morgan City jail on counts of possession of marijuana, Scheduled IV drug Alprazolam, Schedule II Methylphenidate, drug paraphernalia, firearms in the presence of illegal drugs, and violation of the controlled dangerous substance laws.

Marshall was booked on counts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession, and violation of controlled dangerous substance laws.

Both women have been released on bail, Blair said.