Police arrested nine Abbeville residents Wednesday morning in a bust of a cockfighting bout at a South Gertrude Street home.

Authorities received a tip in May that gambling on cockfighting may have been going on in a back yard in the 200 block of South Gertrude Street, according to the Abbeville Police Department. A juvenile was also selling alcoholic beverages to attendees of the fights, which were obscured by the yard’s tall, wooden fence, police said.

Louisiana in 2007 outlawed cockfighting — in which trained roosters battle, often to death — and the ban took effect in 2008. The state was last in the U.S. to outlaw the practice.

Roland J. Brailey, 36, of South Bailey Street, was booked on one count each of cockfighting, contributing to the delinquency of juveniles, and operating alcohol sales without a permit.

Dasakima Taylor, 33, of the South Gertrude Street home, was booked on one count each of cockfighting and letting a disorderly place.

Arrested for participating in cockfighting were: Greg Meaux, 31, of South Louisiana Street; Reid Maihles, 51, of West Wildcat Road; Michael Wiltz, 59, of South Gertrude Street; Lawrence Harris Jr., 54, of Israel Parker Street; Skyler Briggs, 29, of East Villien Street; and Jonathan Thibodeaux, 29, of North Bailey Street.

Carleen Grogan, 23, South Oliver Street, was booked on a count of letting a disorderly place.