EUNICE— A Eunice woman was in jail Thursday after a weekend incident during which two pit bull terriers she owns were involved in an attack on a mail carrier and a police officer, police said.

Nicole Courville, 30, of 841 Alexander St., was arrested Wednesday and was being held on $4,500 bail in an incident on Saturday that resulted in the death of one of the dogs, Eunice Assistant Police Chief Varden Guillory Sr. said in a news release.

Guillory said the mail carrier, who was not identified, was making his rounds when he walked near Courville’s home on Alexander Street and came upon two “very aggressive” pit bulls.

The mailman told responding officers the dogs attacked him and that he tried to shield himself with his mail bag, “but the dogs then took the mail bag away and attacked him,” Guillory said. “The mail carrier then tripped while backing up as one pit bull was biting his legs and the other tried to bite him in the face while he was on the ground.”

Trying to shield his face, the carrier received numerous bites on his forearms, the release stated.

Another man who saw the attack grabbed a pipe and was swinging it to try to free the mailman, Guillory said.

At some point, one of the dogs attacked a police officer, “and that’s when shots were fired,” injuring one dog and killing another, the release stated.

The mail carrier and the officer, who was not identified, were treated at a local hospital.

The release said Courville was not home at the time of the attacks. She was jailed on one count each of cruelty to animals, negligent injury and violation of a city ordinance that prohibits dogs running loose, police said.