Two former St. Martin Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested this week are accused of perjury and falsifying arrest reports in at least one drug case.

Brian Reyes, 30, of New Iberia, was booked Thursday, and John Brown, 42, of St. Martinville, was booked Friday into the St. Martin Parish Jail on counts of perjury, filing false public records and malfeasance in office, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

St. Martin Parish Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars said the matter involves a drug arrest in May 2013.

The prosecutor reviewing that case file had noticed discrepancies in the details of the arrest, Cedars said, and after conducting interviews with other officers he alerted Cedars that Brown and Reyes likely filed false arrest reports on purpose.

The Sheriff’s Office, in response, called in State Police to assist in investigating the deputies, KATC reported.

“What we have is intentional misrepresentations, which obviously have some sort of ill motive, whatever that might be,” Cedars said.

“This is not representative of what I see in my work,” he added. “99.6 percent of officers work hard and prepare appropriate reports.”

Cedars said he is unsure whether the charges against the person arrested in the May 2013 case have been dropped yet, but he said they will be dropped if they haven’t been already.

It’s unknown whether the two former deputies falsified reports for other arrests.

Both deputies already had been terminated for other reasons that Cedars did not disclose.