Fake money created for use as props in movies is circulating across several parishes in southeast Louisiana, with authorities receiving multiple complaints about the counterfeit cash from banks, bars and convenience stores.

Police have already arrested two people accused of using the fake bills and expect to make more arrests, Morgan City Sgt. Rick Hartley said.

“We believe that there are other conspirators,” Hartley said.

Vanisha August, 22, of Belanger Street in Morgan City, was arrested on Monday on a count of monetary instrument abuse after she tried two days in a row to make change at a bar using the fake bills.

Detrell Coleman, 20, of Church Street in Thibodaux, was arrested a week ago on the same count on accusations he used the a fake $100 bill to buy prescription medication.

Hartley said the department received several complaints over the last three or four days, with similar complaints lodged in neighboring Terrebonne, Assumption and Lafourche Parishes.

The bills are marked with “Motion Picture Use Only” to indicate they’re used as props, but Hartley said police are finding the bills with the notice covered with ink. The presidential faces featured on the bill are also inconsistent with real U.S. currency.

Police encourage anyone who encounters a fake bill to contact their local police agency.