Broussard police search for a robber who stole cash from a store Monday night _lowres

Robbery suspect

Police are working to identify an armed robber who Monday night stole an unknown amount of cash from a Broussard discount store before another person in a waiting vehicle drove him away from the scene.

The Broussard Police Department recovered surveillance images that show the masked robber entering a four-door hatchback car on St. Deporres Street from behind the Family Dollar store at 1002 Albertson Parkway, Police Chief Brannon Decou said in a late Monday news release.

Police responded to the robbery about 8:30 p.m. and found an apparent path the robber took from behind the store to the getaway vehicle near a St. Deporres Street trailer park, Decou said. The vehicle then traveled south toward Moulin Road.

The store clerk described the robber as a tall and slim black man standing about 6-feet tall and weighing about 170 pounds, Decou said. He was dressed in black shorts, a gray T-shirt, a black baseball cap and brandished a what appeared to be a black-and-silver semi-automatic handgun.

Upon entering the store and demanding cash, the robber shoved the clerk out of the way, seized the cash drawer and stuffed an unknown amount of cash in his pockets, Decou said.

Anyone with information in the crime is asked to contact the Broussard Police Department at (337) 837-6259 or Crime Stoppers at (337) 232-8477.