Mamou police chief resigns after interview with FBI _lowres

Facebook photo -- Former Mamou Police Chief Robert McGee

First-year Mamou Police Chief Robert McGee resigned Thursday after an interview with the FBI involving an incident five years ago, although the details of what happened have not yet been clarified.

McGee announced his resignation Wednesday through his personal Facebook account.

“I made a mistake which not only hurts my community but also hurts me dearly. I never intended to hurt anyone and was simply doing what I thought was right at the time,” McGee wrote.

There are no records of criminal charges filed against McGee in federal court, although his resignation announcement suggests he met with federal criminal investigators.

“After talking to the FBI, I have come to a conclusion that it was not right,” McGee said.

U.S. Attorney Stephanie Finley declined on Thursday to comment on the matter.

A video surfaced days before McGee won the December runoff election showing him and another officer, who has since died, repeatedly using a stun gun on multiple inmates. The videos are from 2010.

McGee in 2013 also settled a 2011 lawsuit filed against him by a group of Mexican nationals working in Mamou. They accused McGee of participating in a conspiracy to intimidate guest workers into working and living in an abusive environment, according to a report from KATC-TV.