Gunfire reported Wednesday morning from a school on the Chitimacha reservation turned out to be neighbors popping fireworks to scare off stray dogs, police said.

“The good thing was it did give the school a live drill, so to speak. And they performed flawlessly,” Chitimacha Tribal Police Chief Hal Hutchinson said.

Chitimacha Tribal School administrators called authorities at 9:52 a.m. and placed the school on lockdown after they heard the popping sounds during recess, Hutchinson said.

During the police response, authorities heard two more of the suspicious sounds and followed the noise to a neighbor’s house a block away on Tunica Drive. Residents there told police they were trying to spook a few stray pooches from the area.

“It was all secured within three minutes,” Hutchinson said.

Some areas restrict the use of fireworks within the city limits, but they’re allowed on the St. Mary Parish tribal reservation, Hutchinson said. No arrests were made, nor were any citations issued in the incident.