Dwayne Prejean

Dwayne Prejean


A former Lafayette police captain who retired recently following his arrest in an incident involving an allegation of domestic abuse violence was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, KATC-TV reported.

Dwayne Prejean, 55, was traveling south on Johnston Street, near Camellia Boulevard at 1:55 a.m. when a State Police trooper said he noticed Prejean's truck cross the centerline line several times.

When he got out of the truck, a State Police report on the incident says, Prejean "noticeably stumbled and extended his left arm onto the vehicle to maintain his balance.

The arresting trooper said Prejean, whose speech was slurred and whose breath smelled of alcohol, continued to struggle with his balance throughout the traffic stop.

Prejean and his wife were arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery in connection with a New Year's Eve fight at a River Ranch bar.

Prejean retired from the Lafayette Police Department only days earlier after the video of the fight surfaced.