A man looking for his girlfriend Thursday found her in a Morgan City hotel room with another guy, who police said had paid her for sex until her boyfriend kicked in the door and broke up the party.

Both men and the woman, all from Texas, were arrested on various allegations of bad behavior, Morgan City police Maj. James Blair said. The counts included prostitution, soliciting, domestic abuse battery and criminal damage to property.

Blair said Denzel Washington, 24, found his naked 26-year-old girlfriend, Tiara Rogers, with Pablo De La Cruz.

Rogers “stated that her boyfriend had come to the location looking for her and when she did not answer the door, he kicked the door … (then) began to strike her,” Blair said. “Rogers did admit to officers that she was at the location (to) perform sexual acts for money.”

Blair said police entered the motel room and found De La Cruz in the room with an undressed female. By that time, Washington had fled. He was later arrested following a high-speed police chase on Victor II Boulevard.

De La Cruz, 43, of Houston, was booked on one count of soliciting prostitution. Rogers, of Port Arthur, Texas, was arrested on one count of prostitution. And Washington, also of Port Arthur, was booked on one count each of: domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and reckless operation of a vehicle.

All three were booked into jail between 2:22 p.m. and 2:41 p.m.