The Opelousas Police Department arrested two brothers Monday morning in a stabbing incident at Opelousas High School that left a 16-year-old student hospitalized, authorities said.

The victim was stabbed once in the stomach and the side, and twice in the hip, according to Detective Darren Zachary, a spokesman for the Opelousas Police Department.

The boy was listed in stable condition, although he was expected to undergo surgery Monday, Zachary said.

The stabbing occurred about 7:30 a.m. in a hallway near a school bathroom, Zachary said.

Officers arrested Brandon Roberson, 17, 1104 Parks Ave., Opelousas, on one count each of aggravated second-degree battery and illegal carrying of a weapon on campus.

“He’s the one who actually did the stabbing,” Zachary said.

Brandon Roberson’s brother, Christopher Roberson, was arrested on one count of disturbing the peace by fighting, Zachary said.

Both brothers are students at the school, although Zachary said he did not know the brothers’ grade levels.

The fight began at the boys’ school bus stop and carried over into the school, Zachary said.

“They were fighting over a baseball cap,” Zachary said.

Investigators recovered a pair of brass knuckles on the victim, Zachary said.

Officers have not yet determined how they will handle that discovery because the department is more concerned about the boy’s health, Zachary said.

A fourth youth initially was thought to be involved in the fight, but investigators later learned he had no direct involvement in the fight.

This is the first major incident at the school this year, Zachary said.

The stabbing follows a recent shooting incident at a junior high school in the city.

No one was injured in that shooting, Zachary said.

The incident is not being taken lightly, Zachary said.

“We definitely want the public to understand that this will not be tolerated at the school,” Zachary said.