St. Mary Parish jail officials this past week worked to stem the flow of drugs and cellphones into inmate populations, booking six inmates and one visitor on counts of introducing contraband into penal communities in Centerville and Morgan City.

On July 3, five inmates at the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center in Centerville were accused of using cellphones to craft a video, take photos and post them online, St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Traci Landry said in a news release.

Landry said jailers received a report about the cellphones inside the jail cells, then conducted a search.

Deputies found cellphones, a broom handle and a plastic bag containing what appeared to be “vegetable matter,” Landry said.

She said the bag’s contents were sent to a lab for testing, and that the suspects could have additional counts lodged against them.

The five inmates facing charges on introducing contraband into a penal institution: Quintal Davis, 34, and Michael Crouch, 28, both of Morgan City, and Jonathan Robinson, 34, Spencer Bourda, 23, and Joseph Lightfoot, 42, all from Franklin.

Landry said an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office continues.

In Morgan City, police on Monday arrested two women suspected of trying to funnel prescription drugs into the city jail, Capt. James Blair said.

Crystal Thompson was already in jail when Kathryn Vines made a visit to the jail Monday, Blair said, but police had been alerted to a plot to smuggle Xanax and other items off-limits to inmates into the jail.

Blair said Vines, 41, and Thompson, 35, admitted to the crimes when they were questioned.

Vines was booked on counts of conspiracy to distribute Xanax and conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal facility, and Thompson was rebooked on the same counts, Blair said.