NEW IBERIA — The Iberia Parish School Board on Wednesday discussed changing its agenda format so that it groups certain items together and votes on them one time instead of separately, which is the current practice.

Board member Kenneth Lockett said the format, known as a consent agenda, would save the board meeting time and streamline the agenda making process.

Certain agenda items such as staff reports, proclamations, meeting minutes, personnel changes and others would be labeled with asterisks and then voted on as one item, he said.

Other agenda items such as disciplinary actions, consultant reports, superintendent evaluations and bids could be voted on normally.

He said that any consent agenda item the board wants to be placed on the regular agenda could be moved there before or at the beginning of the meeting for discussion.

Lockett added that detailed information on the consent agenda items would be sent to board members days before School Board meetings so they could make educated decisions.

Board member Edwin Buford said one of his concerns was that members of the media may not get a chance to see the information and miss news under the consent heading when the consent agenda items come before the board.

Lockett said the reports also could be sent to members of the media before the meetings to avoid that problem.

Board member Robbie LeBlanc asked when could they begin implementing the new format and how soon it could take effect.

Superintendent Dale Henderson said his office would put together a proposal for the July 20 meeting outlining how the consent agenda will work. He said that if the board approves it, the new format could be used by the next month’s meeting.

The School Board also unanimously voted to appoint Chris Broussard to be assistant principal at the Iberia Parish Career Center; Kyla Neuville to be principal at Center Street Elementary; and Pamela Landry to be parish school system supervisor of instruction.