The Lafayette Parish School Board approved a four-year contract with a compensation package of up to $238,985 for new Superintendent Donald Aguillard on Wednesday night.

Aguillard signed the contract following the board’s unanimous vote to approve it during its Wednesday meeting.

Here are some of the terms:

Start date: May 18; end date: May 17, 2019.

Minimum annual salary: $205,000.

$20,000 annual reimbursement of expenses such as vehicle (insurance, maintenance, gasoline), mobile/cellular devices, residential Internet services and life insurance benefits costs.

$4,000 reimbursement for other work-related expenses, such as out-of-parish travel.

Payment of 100 percent of his health insurance premium.

$9,985 payment for professional organization memberships.

18 days of vacation/annual leave.

Aguillard also is eligible to receive up to a $5,000 increase in his salary, if he meets five performance objectives. Each objective is worth $1,000:

Closing achievement gap by more than 2 percent annually from the previous year.

Reducing percentage of over-age children (those academically behind two or more years) annually from previous year.

Increasing high school graduation rate by more than 1 percent annually from previous year.

Increasing the percentage of high school students scoring 18 or above on ACT annually from previous year.

Increasing the percentage of elementary and middle school students scoring proficient or above on state exams annually from previous year.

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